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How do I know the time of year you plan to be in my area?

There are many variables involved that determine the time of year that we photograph in any given area. Currently, we do not offer aerial photography in the winter months. The majority of our work is photographed between May and October. If you have already verified that your state and county is included in our current flight schedule, you can contact us for specifics on the tentative time frame by emailing us at info@americanimages.com or calling us at 715-254-1636.

What if I would like more than one property photographed?

If the properties are in different counties or states, you will need to verify that all areas involved are included in our current flight schedule. The flight schedule can be accessed through the home page by clicking on the pull down menu or map and entering the state and county for each location.

A separate “Tell Us How” form would also be required for each location. The forms can be completed online (by clicking on the “Tell Us How” tab) or downloaded and submitted to our office. One of our phone representatives will need to determine the flight deposit rate as they apply to your request. It is recommended that you contact us toll free at 715-254-4636 before initiating the process.

Can I have a property photographed that I do not reside at?

The answer is yes! As long as the property is located in an area that is included in our current flight schedule, simply complete the required “Tell Us How” form for the property that is being photographed. This form can be completed online (by clicking on the “Tell Us How” tab) or downloaded and submitted to our office. Depending upon the request and subject, some restrictions may apply.

If I live in a suburb or metropolitan area, can you still photograph my property?

In most cases, flight restrictions and aircraft capabilities restrict our ability to photograph in large metropolitan areas. Smaller cities, towns and suburbs are more likely subjects. In general, if the property is on less than one acre and other buildings are nearby, it is unlikely that we can completely isolate your property through the photography itself. However, there are certain procedures that can be done to enhance your final portrait through our state-of-the art digital lab equipment.

What if I have a special request such as a specific day or weekend?

A request to photograph on a specific day or weekend would need to be pre-approved by the Flight Department. To check on availability and obtain a custom quote, call us at 715-254-1636.

If I refer other people, do I get a discount?

If someone that you have referred signs up for our program and purchases, you will get a gift certificate for each qualifying name. It pays to let your friends, family members and business associates know that we are coming to the area and that they too can take advantage of this unique opportunity!

How will I be notified when the photography is to be taken?

When the time approaches for the photographs to be taken, we will notify you by phone of the two-week time frame we are scheduled to be in your area. Since weather and other unforeseen obstacles can affect our ability to stay on schedule, an extension of your time frame may be necessary. Our office would also notify you by phone if any extensions would be needed.

We also offer the option to purchase a “call ahead” which includes a phone call the night before we plan to photograph (weather permitting). This personalized phone call is made directly from our photographer after the daily flight plan has been plotted. This optional service is offered on the “Tell Us How” form for an additional $25.00 fee. This $25 does not apply towards your final purchase and is not refundable after the call has been made.

Will I be notified after the photography is taken?

You will be notified by email and mobile phone text stating that the photography has been completed. After your photographs arive at our office and get uploaded to our secure server, you will recieve a second notification with a link and passcode for viewing. If you are unable to view your photographs online, you may request that 5x7 prints to be mailed to you.

What if we are a non-profit organization?

The standard flight deposit of $75 is already a drastically reduced rate compared to actual costs involved (which can be in excess of $200). This allows you to see the work before committing any further. The majority of our costs are locked in on a contractual basis and our policy is to offer standardized pricing to everyone. Volume discounts and seasonal specials apply to all of our clients.

What is the maximum acreage you can photograph?

The maximum recommended acreage is 200 acres due to the altitude required and the equipment used. Weather patterns can change as the plane ascends and higher altitude photographs typically suffer regarding clarity and color. Because this would not meet our standards of quality, we normally do not contract for anything more than 200 acres. This includes lakes, hunting land and other similar requests.

Can you photograph a property to show trails and boundaries?

We are not set up to do topographical photography (which usually requires a camera mounted on the belly of the plane to provide a straight down shot). Depending upon the subject matter and the time of year, we may be able to provide an angled shot that will still show these features, but we cannot guarantee it.

How much is this going to cost?

The standard flight deposit is required to ensure a reservation on our flight schedule. This basic service fee includes multiple views of one location that will be photographed based upon information you supply to us on the “Tell Us How” form. The standard flight deposit of $75 is similar to a sitting fee in a portrait studio. Although it does not include any actual merchandise, it does apply towards any order placed using those same images. Multiple locations or unusual requests would require a custom quote.

Since the standard $75 flight deposit applies to your order, it's like getting the photography taken for free! Most other companies including drone photography would charge $300 or more just to photograph your property on a custom basis. We give you the advantage of viewing the preview photographs and seeing samples of our work before you make your final buying decision. Our portraits are individually processed on-site and shipped directly from our facilities giving us much greater control over the quality of the end product. To guarantee years of enjoyment, our standard portrait features Oak framing and a special archival protective finish (no glass or cheap cardboard). There are several types of enlargement styles available in many different sizes starting at just $264 on up (after applying your $75 deposit). The first portrait purchased serves as the foundation for your initial investment. After that, additional portraits are greatly reduced and all re-order prices that are posted on our website become available to you. In addition, we have an array of other merchandise geared to fit most any need.

If I am not satisfied with the photography how do I obtain a refund of the deposit?

After viewing the photographs, you will be able to use your $75 deposit towards purchasing any products that we offer right here on our website. If after viewing the photographs you find an obvious error on our part, a specific instruction was not followed or the photos are not of the specified property, you may request a refund of your initial deposit. Simply send an email to support@americanimages.com within one week of viewing your photographs. If it is determined that we photoghraphed the wrong property or did not get the angle that you specified when you signed up, you will be refunded your deposit. If your deposit was made using a credit card, you will receive a refund back on the same card used. If you are unable to email a written request, you may also mail your request to the following address:

American Images
PO Box 501
Marshfield, WI 54449

Under special circumstances, we also photograph locations outside the published areas on this site. A special quote and fee is required in these rare cases and does not apply towards the purchase. Special fees are only refundable if the photographs have not yet been taken.

What if after receiving my order it is not what I expected?

At American Images, we take great pride in providing a very accurate description of the products we offer. Using the tools in our online store portrait builder, you will get a very accurate representation of what your actual finished product will look like. Of course, with this being a custom product and each photograph being different a great deal of professional judgment is required. If the items you receive are not what you expected, we will do everything within our power to correct the situation and give you a beautiful portrait that can be admired for many years. Requests for refunds are very rare but they are taken seriously and offered at our discretion. Our mission is to have only satisfied clients and our high standards in customer service are rewarded with our very high percentage of returning clients.

How are shipping and handling charges calculated?

Shipping and Handling charges are based on the subtotal of your order and the shipping method selected. Special promotions and offers may reduce or eliminate a written request for shipping charges, however handling charges may still apply.

Most orders in the mid-west will arrive the day following your orders production due to the exceptional service that Spee-Dee offers!

Can I get my photographs in a digital format?

In accordance with the national copyright law of 1978, American Images retains the copyright on all images created. Since any type of reproduction is prohibited without exclusive written permission, a copyright release is required. If purchacing a copywrite release is your initial intent, you must make this request at the time of signing up on our flightplan. There will be an additional fee which will be quoted to you at that time. If you would like to recieve digital files after making yor initial purchace, you can do so by simply following the steps on the lower part of our “View Photos Online“ page. You can find your photos by browsing your state and county, or by entering the roll number, which is printed on the back of your preview set. Your digital files will then be sent to you via your selected delivery method.